April 14, 2017

Marie Brennan: Your people...

Your people understand the forest: how the animals behave, where to find them, and so on. I want something similar?but instead of the forest as a whole, I want to understand dragons. They are not only here, you know; there are dragons in the savannah?? Mekeesawa nodded. ?Well, there are more than that, all over the world. They live in the mountains and on the plains and maybe even in the ocean. I want to know them as you know the creatures of this forest.??But why?? Mekeesawa asked. His eyes were still merry with laughter, but his question was serious. ?You don`t live in all those places.?With the amount of time I have spent traveling in my life, one might make the argument that I do live in all those places, if only temporarily. But Mekeesawa?s point was a good one, and not easily dismissed. The Moulish understood the creatures of the Green Hell because their survival depended on it; my survival did not depend on my traveling the globe to find dragons. (Indeed, it has on more than one occasion nearly been detrimental to my life expectancy.) How could I answer him?Thinking back on the matter now, it is possible my only true answer to that question is now in its second volume, with more to come. These memoirs are not only an accounting of my life; they are an accounting *for* it.
/Marie Brennan/

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