August 25, 2017

Thomas Pynchon: The Telescope,...

The Telescope, the Fluxions, the invention of Logarithms and the frenzy of multiplication, often for its own sake, that follow`d have for Emerson all been steps of an unarguable approach to God, a growing clarity,- Gravity, the pulse of time, the finite speed of Light present themselves to him as aspect of God`s character. It`s like becoming friendly with an erratic, powerful, potentially dangerous member of the Aristocracy. He holds no quarrel with the Creator`s sovereignty, but is repeatedly appall`d at the lapses in Attention, the flaws in Design, the squand`rings of life and energy, the failures to be reasonable, or to exercise common sense,- first appall`d, then angry. We are taught,- we believe,- that it is love of the Creation which drives the Philosopher in his Studies. Emerson is driven, rather, by a passionate Resentment.
/Thomas Pynchon/

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